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Akin 'Ak' Reyes broadcasting for DAZN, at the Canelo Álvarez v Golovkin rematch in 2018.Akin 'Ak' Reyes broadcasting for DAZN, at the Canelo Álvarez v Golovkin rematch in 2018.By: Akin 'Ak' Reyes
Boxing on DAZN
DAZN is changing the way Americans watch (and pay) for boxing. To see a big fight like Ruiz vs Joshua, you would traditionally purchase the fight through Pay-Per-View (PPV). And when Ruiz and Joshua meet up for round 2, you again would have to order the single fight through PPV. Same would be true for round 3, and your bill for just three big fights would be in the hundreds. A cheaper route would be a single annual subscription that costs less than a few PPV one-offs.

Subscription over PPV
Considering that, DAZN is now a subscription streaming service offering monthly or yearly plans to watch every fight they carry. This means gaining full access to every DAZN boxing match arranged from exclusive promotional partners GGG Promotions, Golden Boy and Matchroom. Those groups represent all the greats, such as Canelo, GGG, Joshua and Garcia. You can watch every single fight on a no-contract subscription basis, getting a lot more value for your money over having to pay a high fee for a single big card.

DAZN Member Extras
You'll also get on-demand access to classic fights, boxing documentaries and DAZN produced weekly shows. For the money, if you are a boxing fan the value is in subscribing. You'll watch many more fights on a monthly or yearly basis, for a fraction of the cost of traditional PPV.

In Demand Partnership for PPV
If you still prefer PPV and would rather not subscribe just yet, DAZN is not forcing the issue. They partner with In Demand, a PPV company that works with AT&T, Comcast, Cox Communications, Charter, Verizon and Altice (among others) to offer fights the more traditional PPV way. As a strategy to grow their subscriber base though, that one-off purchase will come with multiple months of access to their subscription via a coupon code, hoping you’ll stay for good.

Stream Fights Anywhere, On Any Device
Since making the switch to OTT, DAZN subscribers can watch every fight on most any device - smart TVs, streaming boxes, mobile phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. Smart TVs with connected devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku players, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Xfinity XI, Xfinity, and more.

Mobile devices: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Computers using browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE and Opera.

Gaming consoles: XBOX and Playstation.