Watching Political News & Events

2012 Democratic National Convention2012 Democratic National ConventionBy: Steve Bott

Political TV ChannelsViewBiasAbout
Liberal TV ChannelsDemocratsCoverage favors Democrats from a liberal point of view
Conservative TV ChannelsRepublicansCoverage favors Republicans from a conservative point of view
Mainstream TV ChannelsIndependentsCoverage sticks to news with balanced opinions from the left & right
The best TV channels for watching major political events like presidential debates, conventions and speeches are MSNBC, CNN and Fox News as they have regular dedicated coverage. In order to watch lesser important speeches, interviews or debates you'll want CSPAN or to stream them directly online at the source.
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Internet TV Streaming TV directly over the Internet
Satellite TV Watch TV anywhere via dish on roof
Cable TV TV via Fiber optics or cable to your home
TV Channels that Broadcast Political News & Events