TV Service Providers List with Packages by Price

CompanyPlan\OfferType# ChanMonthly
AT&T WatchTVWatchTV PlanInternet TV36$15.00
BTN PlusSchool PassInternet TV0$9.95
BTN PlusConference PassInternet TV0$14.95
CBS All AccessCBS All Access PlanInternet TV2$5.99
CUSA.tvCUSA.tvInternet TV0$10.95
CoxTV StarterCable TV34$25.00
CoxContour TVCable TV120$64.99
DirecTV NowLive A LittleInternet TV112$40.00
DirecTV NowTodo Y MasInternet TV125$45.00
DirecTV NowJust RightInternet TV135$55.00
DirecTV NowGo BigInternet TV160$65.00
DirecTV NowGotta Have ItInternet TV171$75.00
DirecTVSelectSatellite TV100$35.00
DirecTVEntertainmentSatellite TV108$40.00
DirecTVChoiceSatellite TV190$45.00
DirecTVXtraSatellite TV218$55.00
DirecTVUltimateSatellite TV232$60.00
DirecTVPremierSatellite TV276$110.00
Dish NetworkFlex PackSatellite TV47$34.99
Dish NetworkAmerica's Top 120Satellite TV119$59.99
Dish NetworkAmerica's Top 120 PlusSatellite TV177$69.99
Dish NetworkAmerica's Top 200Satellite TV214$79.99
Dish NetworkAmerica's Top 250Satellite TV243$89.99
ESPN PlusESPN+ PlanInternet TV1$4.99
FuboTVfubo LatinoInternet TV16$17.99
FuboTVfubo PortuguêsInternet TV5$19.99
FuboTVfuboInternet TV116$44.99
FuboTVfubo ExtraInternet TV132$49.99
Hulu Live TVHulu Live TV PlanInternet TV92$39.99
PhiloPlan 1Internet TV40$16.00
PhiloPlan 1 PlusInternet TV52$20.00
PlayStation VueAccessInternet TV50$44.99
PlayStation VueCoreInternet TV104$49.99
PlayStation VueEliteInternet TV124$59.99
PlayStation VueUltraInternet TV126$79.99
Sling TVSling BlueInternet TV72$25.00
Sling TVSling OrangeInternet TV28$25.00
Sling TVSling Orange + BlueInternet TV77$40.00
Spectrum TVSpectrum SelectCable TV148$44.99
Spectrum TVSpectrum SilverCable TV222$64.99
Spectrum TVSpectrum GoldCable TV287$84.99
Stadium PlusStadium PlusInternet TV0$4.99
U-verse TVU-Basic TVCable TV13$19.00
U-verse TVU-Family TVCable TV61$35.00
U-verse TVU-200 TVCable TV170$55.00
U-verse TVU-300 TVCable TV224$60.00
U-verse TVU-450 TVCable TV263$110.00
Verizon FiosPreferred HDCable TV158$74.99
Verizon FiosExtreme HDCable TV207$79.99
Verizon FiosUltimate HDCable TV260$89.99
XfinityDigital StarterCable TV148$49.99
XfinityDigital PreferredCable TV209$59.99
XfinityDigital PremierCable TV240$104.99
YouTube TVYouTube TV PlanInternet TV99$40.00